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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the questions we are often asked.  If your question isn't answered, please contact


I've logged in but I can't get to the Spelling Bee resources

This is most often caused by a browser cache error. Try one of the four suggestions below:

  • Access the login page from another browser (if you have a second browser installed on your computer). Eg, if you have been using Internet Explorer, try using Google Chrome, or Firefox, or vice-versa
  • Go to the homepage > click on the Login button > while holding down the 'CTRL' button on your computer keyboard, press the 'F5' button on your keyboard
  • Try accessing the site from a different computer
  • Still no success? Email with the details of the problem

How do Teachers/Educators register?

To take part in a Spelling Bee Aotearoa New Zealand programme you must register online.

To register in the National Spelling Bee Competition use this link to go to Education Perfect and the EP Support Team will guide you through the process of uploading your students' names.  Register Here Once you have logged into the EP platform, go to the EP English & Literature content library and click on the 2021 Spelling Bee Aotearoa New Zealand folder. All the competition resources and teacher instructions will be available here!

To register for the Spelling Resources Years 1-10 use this link. Once your school is registered you will be emailed a username and password to access the resources.

What costs are involved?

The Spelling Bee Aotearoa New Zealand programmes are free to all New Zealand schools and students.

The 2021 National Spelling Bee Competition's top 200 spellers will need to arrange their own travel to their semi-final in August.

The 18 National Spelling Bee finalists win airfares and accommodation for themselves and a parent/caregiver to the 2021 final.

Can I compete in the National Spelling Bee Competition?

The 2021 National Spelling Bee Competition is only open to students in Years 9-10.

How can my child take part?

Spelling Bee Aotearoa New Zealand has been designed to be used by teachers/educators in the classroom. These programmes are not part of the New Zealand school curriculum so teachers are not obliged to use them. If your child’s school is not registered please email

Where do the words come from?

The words in all the wordlists come from a range of sources to reflect New Zealand culture, the school curriculum and news events.

All the words in the Spelling Bee Regional and the 2021 National Spelling Bee final come from The Concise Oxford English Dictionary 12th Edition. They are British-English NOT American-English.

Can students who are home schooled take part?


Where are the semi-finals held?


The venues for the Semi-finals will be communicated in June 2021.

The semi-finals are held in:

  1. Lower South Island Semi-final, Dunedin
  2. Upper South Island Semi-final, Christchurch
  3. Lower North Island Semi-final, Wellington
  4. The Far North Semi-final, Whangarei
  5. Central North Island Semi-final, Hamilton
  6. Upper North Island Semi-final, Auckland

I've registered but I haven't received a confirmation email?

It might take a few minutes to receive our automatic email confirmation. If you haven't received anything in a few minutes . . .

  • Check the Spam or Junk folder of your email software
  • Still no confirmation? Email and we will re-send the confirmation to you
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