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The New Zealand Spelling Bee
Sponsored by the Wright Family Foundation

Come and see the 2018 Spelling Bee Finals - FREE!

Come and watch the battle for the 2018 New Zealand Spelling Bee title at City Art Gallery, Civic Square, Wellington, on Saturday 3 November from 12.30 to 2.30pm. Entry is free. Please email to reserve your seat.

The New Zealand Spelling Bee celebrates 14 years of orthography when it starts again in 2018. The Bee helps students gain a love of the English language. It is also an exciting learning journey for students in Years 1–10 to learn words that they can use with confidence for the rest of their life.

Since the event started in 2005, tens of thousands of students have taken part in Classroom Spelling Bees, 2600 have participated in a regional Spelling Bee, more than 200 have travelled to Wellington to compete in a New Zealand Spelling Bee Final and 13 have won the New Zealand Spelling Bee Final.

The New Zealand Spelling Bee has three programmes:

  • the national spelling competition for Years 9-10 students
  • spelling resources for Years 1-10 students
  • four Spelling Bee Teacher Awards worth $2000 each

These programmes are FREE to all New Zealand schools. The New Zealand Spelling Bee wordlists for year 9-10 students will be available in March.  Click here to register.

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Online Wordlists and Testing - NEW in 2018

This year Education Perfect is proudly hosting the online version of the New Zealand Spelling Bee.

This means the wordlists for the New Zealand Spelling Bee and the Classroom Spelling Bee are now in an electronic format so that students can access them directly.

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The New Zealand Spelling Bee is overseen by a charitable trust.

Spelling Bee 2018 Live Feed

On Nov 3 2018, 12.30pm - 2.30pm, we will broadcasting a live stream of this year's Spelling Bee finals.   

New Zealand Spelling Bee Competition
New Zealand Spelling Bee for Students
New Zealand Spelling Bee Teacher's Scholarship

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